To ensure our customers have a reliable service from their balers we maintain a healthy stock of baler consumables which can be sent out on express delivery to ensure arrival in under 48 hours anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We supply consumables for the entire Gradeall range but also can supply consumables for other manufacturers equipment.

Baling Twine

Suitable for sub 500Kg bales of cardboard and plastic.

Baling Wire

Steel baling wire, suitable for balers producing bales of 500Kg and more. We supply wire for cardboard, plastic and tyre balers.

Automatic Baler wire / Former Wire

Automatic baler wire also called former wire. These are wire spools suitable for balers with an automatic tying function.

How to order consumables

Contact our spares department on 028 8774 0484 and select Option 3.

Alternatively, email spares@类似于500彩票网的APP specifying

  • Your Machine
  • The quantity of twine or wire you类似于500彩票网的APP require
  • Your contact and delivery details

If you类似于500彩票网的APP require replacement parts

Contact our service department on 028 8774 0484 and select Option 2.

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