Servicing & Repairs


All Gradeall International 类似于500彩票网的APP are supported by a comprehensive spare parts catalogue, all available direct from our factory in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

Because of this ready availability, all spare parts can be delivered and fitted across the UK within 24-48 hours. In addition, we can also source parts for third party equipment on demand.

Various spare parts


At Gradeall, we offer full service and maintenance plans on all our 类似于500彩票网的APP and equipment.

However, because our experienced team of service engineers also have knowledge of a wide variety of recycling plant & machinery from multiple manufacturers, we are happy to arrange a service program for any equipment upon request and as required.

Servicing enquiries


Spares enquiries (Option 3)



Service Plan

Gradeall has a network of Service engineers across the UK and Ireland who are capable of working on all aspects of Gradeall equipment including electrical, hydraulic and mechanical. Not only can we work on Gradeall equipment but we can provide the same service for equipment from other manufacturers. We understand how equipment downtime can have a detrimental effect and as a result, we can provide fast diagnosis and repairs on 类似于500彩票网的APP in the UK and Ireland.

We provide a service and maintenance plan for all our 类似于500彩票网的APP to ensure they have a long and efficient service life.

Working with a Gradeall service and maintenance plan reduces equipment downtime and unexpected repair costs. It also ensures that you类似于500彩票网的APPr business is covered from a health and safety perspective, a requirement from many insurers.

Preventative Maintenance

An engineer will carry out a pre-agreed number of comprehensive services. This programme covers all labour and motoring costs, with parts and consumables being charged extra as required. In between these service call outs, breakdown callouts are not included in this package.


All Inclusive Maintenance

Our maintenance programme covers a pre-agreed number of preventative maintenance visits, together with any breakdown call outs including parts and components as required.

Both of the above maintenance programmes are available during normal business hours. 24/7 maintenance programme are also available on request. However, these are designed primarily for installations which form an integral part of a production process, making it essential that service is available 24/7.

for further information on our support programmes.

* All maintenance and service programmes are subject to our usual terms and conditions.

Breakdown Cover

All Gradeall 类似于500彩票网的APP are designed and built to be heavy duty because they are built to last. That’s why we offer a full warranty across our entire range, giving you类似于500彩票网的APP the peace of mind to know that if something should go wrong, you类似于500彩票网的APP will be fully covered (subject to the terms of the warranty).

Should you类似于500彩票网的APP experience a breakdown, simply call our service team and we will have one of our service engineers around to you类似于500彩票网的APP as quickly as possible and typically within 8-10 working hours from the time of you类似于500彩票网的APPr call.


Remote Monitoring

Our unique Intelli-Fill remote monitoring technology – which now comes as standard on all post 2014 pactors – offers complete intuitive system monitoring. This tool enables the user to remotely supervise the system, eliminating the need for personnel to report on fill-levels and operating issues, simply by delivering updates direct to email inboxes of you类似于500彩票网的APPr choosing. Find out more about our .