Many businesses and industries generate plastic waste. Although it should be sorted by type as there is a wide range of plastic types which do not mix baling is an effective way to make it easier to recycle plastic to ensure it does not go to waste. This is because baling plastic will reduce the volume required by waste plastic, making them easier to store and transport. Bales of waste plastic now have a significant value which can see a return rather than cost you类似于500彩票网的APPr business.

Our baler range contains a range of outstanding options when it comes to managing you类似于500彩票网的APPr plastic waste requirements as baling is the perfect solution when it comes to managing the disposal of plastic bags, wrappings etc. Any of our balers that can bale cardboard can also bale plastic. From the small vertical G-eco 50S to the large horizontal GH500 there is a baler in our range to suit all needs. We can integrate conveyor and dewatering systems to provide effective ways to bale plastic bottles producing quality bales of dense plastic.

If you类似于500彩票网的APPr company is generating plastic waste and it is costing you类似于500彩票网的APP or causing an inconvenience, talk to us about our range of solutions and let us work with you类似于500彩票网的APP in finding the perfect solution for you类似于500彩票网的APPr specific needs.

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